The onset of Covid-19 back in March of 2020, changed how we worship from top to bottom.   Thankfully, as a community we were already in conversation about how we move out from the brick and mortar and into a world that might not be comfortable in how church has always been done.    Starting in 2010, we started investing in cyberspace ministry, and grew into a community without walls.    We invite you discover us, in the way that makes sense to you.

Worship In Person:

Starting April 11, 2021 we have returned back to our building.   Although we have not fully opened our church we have been able to meet again in person.    We do have some requirements in our time together, and they can be found by accessing this link.     If you are comfortable we invite you to join us at 10am each Sunday.

Worship On Line:

Each week we have as many as 1,000 people join our services on line.   Although we are within just a few weeks of a major streaming technology upgrade, we continue to offer these services online.    You can join us live each Sunday at 10am via our YouTube Channel at:

As we work through this technology upgrade, we have temporarily paused live worship on Facebook, but hope to recommence by the start of May. 

We invite you to be a part of our community, and would love to learn how we can further engage you in your journey.   Please reach out to me directly via email at:

Blessings, Pastor Scott Masters