As we begin 2021 with hope and enthusiasm, we certainly look back upon a year that was both hard and unlike anything we have experienced in the past.    As we step into the New Year, we will attempt to ask and answer two hard questions as a community.   Where do we go from here, and how do we make the travels and sacrifices of 2020 worth it.    We invite you to step into the deliberate process of Rethinking Church and Rethinking Faith with us.

We invite you to join in a community wide study of the book of Acts using best selling Author Max Lucado’s Study Life Lessons from Acts:  Christ’s Church in the World.  Together, it is our hope that we can use these studies and conversations to ask ourselves;  what next – where do we go from here.   If you would like to learn more about why we encourage you to listen to this offering which explains more.

Max Lucado’s book is available, via Amazon for under $8.00 for a paper version and under $6 for Kindle.   Both versions can be accessed by clicking the image below (and Asbury makes no money from your purchase).


The book contains twelve lessons from the book of Acts and together we will study together two chapters at a time.    We will offer conversations ongoing via social media, and hope that you’ll be a part . We invite you to join us with this whether you are a long time member or a first time visitor. If you have any financial challenges which prevent you from obtaining this book, you simply need to message Pastor Scott (Details Below), and he will be sure to obtain a no charge copy for you.

Ultimately, the truth remains – our world needs what the Gospel offers.   We need to become the community that both the world and we need.   This is how we ask the questions that lead us there.     Join us as we RETHINKCHURCH and RETHINKFAITH.

Pastor Scott can be reached at or via Facebook at