The Following is From our Friday, 02.04.2022 Weekly Email:

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

I pray that all are well, and keeping safe from the storm.   I know a handful of you are on the roads with your employer, and I am hopeful that the storm hasn’t added any additional stress to your day.  

I wanted to regroup and offer you a couple of announcements as we approach the weekend.  

Let’s start with our services;   

  • This weekend, Susan Lindquist will be preaching at West Rindge.  She will be jumping off the lectionary for the week, and her focus will be on the sanctity of friendship and love between friends.  As it is each week, this service will begin at 8:30.  Please note;  due to extended family traveling to the region on Sunday, I will not be in Rindge that morning.
  • At Asbury, we will be baptizing two children.   Originally scheduled for this past Sunday, the two kids we are baptizing are the grandkids of my cousin, and the family will be traveling from the Providence area to Asbury.  Many of you might remember prior baptisms with this corner of my family.    For me, it is especially meaningful, as not only are they family, but I was privileged to officiate at marriages for some of these folks, and now we are moving towards baptizing the next generation. The service will be focused on the perspective and blessing these moments afford each of us.    In the Methodist Church, Baptism is the second of our two sacraments (Communion being the other).   As such, we are called to pause and fully live into the moment, all the while remembering and celebrating our own baptisms.      I plan on sharing a ‘version’ of this message with the Rindge community next Sunday when I lead worship.  Periodically remembering your baptism is simply that important.    Service at Asbury starts as usual at 10:30 am, and this service – because of the number of visitors – will require the congregation to wear masks.
  • Finally, this weekend we will not be offering our online streaming service.   As many of you know, I spent the last few weeks upgrading my laptop.   This week, I needed to upgrade my IPAD.    Unfortunately, I am still working through some minor tweaks which have prevented me from investing the time in video preparation.   We will continue streaming the week that follows. For those of you who need to worship from home,  the Rev. Taesung Kang – our district superintendent – is officiating a service of online communion beginning at 8:00 am.   You can learn more about that offering at 

As we move beyond our worship services, please know that we are working towards a hybrid bible study to start very soon, and are finalizing some of the Lenten Devotional Ideas (Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 2nd).  I will be meeting with the ministry teams over the next few weeks to ensure that we have all these details ironed out as soon as possible!

I would also like to offer you our prayer listing for the week.   Please keep the following individuals, joys, concerns and struggles in your prayers.   Prayers for our Firefighters and displaced families after Cobblestone Fire in Keene.  Audrey with Pneumonia,.  Prayers for Annie and Sophie Masters who have both returned to school this past week,  Prayers for George and Nancy, Prayers for Peter J, Prayers for Humility, Prayers for Peggy.   Stephanie and some health issues.   Prayers for Both Asbury and West Rindge and the process of discernment towards new outreach and ministry.  Celebration of Susan’s installation as a board member for the Rindge Chamber of Commerce.   Prayers for the recent collection of folks at both locations who have traveled through Covid diagnoses. Prayers for the families served by the food pantry last week. Remembering Gerry on his birthday.  Celebrating Cathy’s Birthday.   Healing for Vickie.

With all this before us, I wanted to share a final something with you.     Each week, I make a point to dive into a Ted Talk or two online.  This week, I listened to a talk by Rosilin Varughese from about a decade ago.    At first, I thought the message was a bit pollyannish, but her words stayed with me all week.  As a matter of fact, they poked at me.   Although it is not a sermon in design, nor is it necessarily of a Christian bend, it is the best sermon I have heard preached in some time. I could easily plug the words of Matthew 18:24 into a prelude for this offering (go look it up! 😊)  I encourage you to find the time at some point this weekend to spend ten minutes in this offering.  As you do, perhaps we can wonder if this is what Jesus meant in the Gospel of Matthew.   It can be found here:   

With all of that before us, I pray you have a great weekend.    I also hope you can find the time to pause, to exhale out all the baggage you’ve been carrying for the week, and simply find yourself in the presence of our Savior.

God Bless,

Pastor Scott Masters

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