Saturday 09/11/2020 –  Happy Friday Church!

Happy Friday Church!    Its that time again.    Attached are the details for this coming Sunday’s service of Worship;

Join us in Worship:

This week we will be jumping from Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church and sitting a bit in the Gospel of Matthew.   We will be tackling the near impossible task that comes with our call to forgiveness, by sitting in the Parable that Jesus offers about the Greedy slave in Chapter 18:21-35.    These gatherings are about 35-45 minutes long, offer not only scripture and a message, but also a time of communal prayer and ministry announcements.     .

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Join us for Virtual Fellowship:

We are continuing in our Zoom Fellowship gathering after worship.    Again, the link is above.

In Person Worship September 27

Right now it looks like the date of the outside service held outside the Fire station on the town center will occur on Sunday 9/27.   We are working on defining all the details as to how that will occur and what it will look like but you should mark your calendar.   It will be outside, social distancing will be enforced, but it will be a community worship – together;   something that we haven’t done in 6 months.  We hope to see you at this gathering and will provide details very soon.

Blessings, Pastor Scott