Friday, May 29, 2020 –  Happy Friday Church!

Once again it is that time to offer up the information related to this weekend’s happenings.

First, this Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.   Join us as we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit to that early church, and recognize its arrival into our own day to days. This service will be a special one.   In 2020 – in an age when COVID-19 has stolen our ability to gather face to face – United Methodists are joining together for a truly Pentecostal moment in the life of the church.  This service has been created by New England’s Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar and his Cabinet and will be streamed across the majority of Methodist Churches.

Consider this; Across the New England Annual Conference of United Methodists, there are 74,300 members as of 2019, what if 25% join for this service? What a truly powerful, and Pentecostal moment this could be – even in this time when we feel so disconnected!

As usual, we will be premiering it as a watch party Sunday at 10:00am via this link:  Although we are all growing familiar with this, watch parties allow us to watch together, and comment to each other as things go.

Second, This week we WILL NOT be holding a Virtual Fellowship Hour.  Instead we will join again together next week.   Last weeks was truly fantastic, and it was incredibly renewing to see and reconnect with many of you!

Blessings, Pastor Scott