Saturday 10/14/2020 

10:15! 10:15! 10:15! That’s a fun way to start this message….right?    I’m trying to hook you in!  So what’s with 10:15! 10:15! 10:15!?  

Let me tell you.

Between Sunday and today, I have learned that there were almost a half dozen of us that tried to join the Zoom chat to participate in last Sunday’s service but could not.  Once again, a change in Zoom caused an unexpected problem.   UGH!

Ultimately, this has been our continuing narrative over the last six months.    As one corner of the world that has caused gray hairs, I have come to see that combining preaching with administrating a zoom meeting, isn’t the most efficient of processes.   So, in an attempt to continually improve this offering, and until we are ready to bring on some additional AV help,…this week I would like to trying sharing our Service via YouTube and Facebook Live, and saving Zoom for our fellowship time that follows.   This way we don’t have to worry about those who are struggling with joining zoom.   For those of you who are not on Facebook, you have YouTube…and vice versa.

BUT…in order to sync up these offerings, I have to do so at 10:15am.   Not 10:00, Not 10:05.   Why 10:15?   I have no clue.    So the 10:15! 10:15! 10:15!, is a way of informing you (in a way that sticks) that service will commence at the following links on Sunday morning, at 10:15.

This week we are stepping into a new direction, and will begin a fresh message series from a New Testament Epistle that is so incredibly relevant for us today.

Immediately after worship, we will be gathering for ZOOM Fellowship as usual, at the following link. We encourage you gathering a coffee and join us if you would like!   For those who gather in this way, it has been a renewing moment of our week.    As a reminder, you don’t need to join via PC or Smartphone, but can call in using the below number (along with meeting id and password).  I guess this is really the virtual equivalent of heading downstairs to fellowship if we were meeting together!  😊

As far as additional announcements….    A reminder today that the NH District Ministry on Servant Ministries – (of which I chair, and serve on alongside Lucie, and a handful of folks around the state), will be holding an information session tonight from 6:30-7:30 on our upcoming  Basic Servant Ministry Class.    This session is the basic class that The Basic Class provides the foundation for Laity to grow in ministry, and through the course, participants are encouraged to wonder how they can step into fuller service.  The greater church is hoping to offer this session free of charge and to encourage even more of us this foundation.   This class will be an information session on the material, and will discuss scheduling availability.   If you are interested, please feel free to join in…   The link is  For those of you who are not using Zoom, you can also call into this meeting at: (929)205-6099   Meeting ID:   829 9539 2882.

Blessings, Pastor Scott