Worship in this time of Coronavirus is certainly taking new forms.   Asbury is attempting to change the way we connect and find community each week, now that our sanctuaries are locked.   Our plan is taking two unique steps;

First; Every single day, Asbury releases a roughly ten minute video.

Each day we will step into some corner of our faith, our day to day juggles with it, and the stories unique to our brand of believing.  We will hopefully talk about the hard and the light sides of our faith.  It is our hope that these small chunks of video will be the perfect length to feed you daily, as well as capture the imaginations of fresh visitors.

We will be posting these messages at 7:00am each morning, and you will be able to access them via YouTube (at https://tinyurl.com/stbbxpm which we hope you will subscribe (it’s free and easy!).   We will also link them to our Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/AsburyChurchNH/

Then, on Sunday, comes the second half of the equation;

On Sunday, we will switch gears for t;  connection.   Beginning each Sunday at 10:00am, instead of our traditional service, we will kickstart a zoom gathering for anyone in the extended community that would like to join.   Instead of the traditional format of a worship service Pastor Scott welcomes our gathering with a prayer, perhaps pulling from different prayer books or faith communities. Then he will offer a comment or two, and then step back.  That moment, will be for both discussion, and visiting, and sharing, and connecting;  agenda free.   Nothing is off limits.

This gathering will be accessible EACH WEEK via this link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89333706970   [Meeting ID: 893 3370 6970]  For those of you with less than ideal internet, you can always call in using that Meeting ID to (929)205-6099.  We have been meeting frequently via this medium, and other than early on in its use we have been very successful, and the gathers are both renewing and fun!

Please consider joining us in either of these corners! 

Our community is open for all!

 If you have questions please visit our website, or contact our church directly via Facebook (AsburyChurchNH) or via email at pastorscott2007@yahoo.com.