asbury church

Consider Supporting our Community:

If you know Asbury, you know just how valuable our community is for not only helping people strengthen their relationship with God, but also for making a very real difference for those who struggle around us.  Our ministries are varied, and include local efforts such as providing food and economic support ministries to the region to support missions across New England, the United States, and Globe.

We are certainly excited to do more and to spread our mission, but this cannot happen without your help.   Your gift is what enables us to change our world one gift – one life – at a time.  For our community members, Giving is a privilege and a blessing, and it allows us to give a small bit back for the incredible blessings we all share. 

We hope you will consider supporting our community both financially and in your prayers.   Please feel free to give through the link below, and accept our incredible gratitude for your gift!

We cannot be us, without you.


Your gift is fully tax deductible, and a giving receipt for your tax records is provided. The Transaction line on your statement will read “Asbury Giving”, and gifts can be one time or recurring. For questions or concerns, please reach out to our pastor directly at